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 Synchronization Information

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PostSubject: Synchronization Information   Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:29 am

I What is Synchronization?
Synchronization is the level of precision of the animus. Full Synchronization would mean that it is precise of what happened. Empty Synchronization means that it did not happen.
As long as your Synchronization is above 0, you can enter animus.

II When does Synchronization drop?
Synchronization drops on these conditions:
- You are killed, very deadly injury. Drops down to 0%
- You land from a high drop on solid platform. Drop down by 20%
- You land from a ridiciously high drop on solid platform. Drops down to 0%
- You get a minor injury. Drop down by 10%
- You get a major injury. Drop down by 50%
- Holding breath under water for longer than 2 posts. Drop down by 15% continuously.
- Much bleeding. Drop down by 25% continuously.

III How to recover Synchronization?
- Buy a Medical kit to recover.
- Each post outside of animus recovers 10% of Synchronization.

IV What happens if Synchronization drops down to 0?
You are kicked out of animus and thread you were currently in (You can't join back in the thread anymore)
The thing that made your Synchronization drop down to 0 did not happen. Meaning if your character died and his synch. dropped down to 0, he did not really die and that was not true of what happened to your animus character.

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Synchronization Information
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