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 Ravelli "Black Blood" Ganza/ Doris Avery

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Black Blood
Black Blood

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PostSubject: Ravelli "Black Blood" Ganza/ Doris Avery   Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:10 am

Main Information
Name: Doris Avery
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Arrogant. Charismatic and at times ill tempered.

Head- Sandy brown hair, short, yet long enough to style with spikes (No, not liberty punk spikes.) Sunken cheek bones, thin face, blue eyes.

Torso- Slender body, similar to an assassin's figure. Usually wears collared shirts.

Legs- Loose fitting khaki pants.

Feet- Brown leather shoes.


Character Description
Main Information
Name: Ravelli "Black Blood" Ganza
Nickname: "Black Blood", however it is his commonly used name. Usually, no one calls him by his first name, Ravelli.
Gender: Male
Age: 31

Personality: Proud. He loves challenges, especially battles. He is loyal, but doesn't care if the cause is for evil. He doesn't care to spill anyone's blood, if he is assigned a mission he will breathe his last breath to accomplish it if need be. He can be found hanging around bars, and has many templar/mercenary friends.



-(Battle Uniform) A blood stained white cloth is wrapped around his head His short, jet black hair ruffled. Brown eyes, thick head with sharp narrow eyes.

-(Civilian Clothes) Usually ruffled hair and perhaps a necklace will do.


-(Battle Uniform) Long sleeved faded red shirt made of cheap, common fabric. Wears metal shoulder pads and chest guard. Sometimes wraps a cloth around his waist covering his hind quarters.

-(Civilian Clothes) Nice stylized extravagant beige fabric which is unbuttoned to a point revealing the top of his pecs. The shirt has large sleeve cuffs.


-(Battle Uniform) Metal shin protectors which are covered by his darker pants.

-(Civilian Clothes) Lightly decorated, tight fitting pants.


-(Battle Uniform) Tight boots with great grip for charging people.

-(Civilian Clothes) Decorated boots laced in red velvet.

History: Ravelli Ganza was born in a home located in Rome, he is the eldest of 3 brothers, 1 sister. His father left when he was young, he grew up as the man of the estate. He grew up with the love of bullying others, going the extra mile when protecting his siblings from other bullies, he usually fought them, terrorizing them for years with endless fights and brawls. Because of his love for fighting, blades, and war all around he has built quite a physique which intimidates anyone he meets. He soon towered over his brothers, finally reaching a full height of 6'8. This gives him a leverage advantage in fights. With his great physique and gifted abilities with blades, he was picked up by templars and asked to join them. He was hesitant at first, but he was then forced to join them in a mission to slaughter rebellious citizens at the age of 19. Since that first mission he has grown to respect the templar order and has become a great asset for them. He is now a mercenary, his mother has passed peacefully, his brothers murdered in their home, however one of their bodies were never found. His sister is presumed dead as well, even though her body was not found at the scene.

Over the years, Ravelli has became infamous for his helping hand in slaughtering in different areas of the world. He is known for carrying around a hammer which has proven time and time again to wipe men out with a single swipe. He gained his alias, Black Blood through the idea that evil black blood pumps through his veins since he has no remourse for the weak. It happens to be a popular myth amongst all of Europe. Few dare to cross his path.

Character Status
Alliance: Templars
Abilities: Hidden Guns, Throwing Knives
Primary Weapon: Hammer

Role-Play Sample
Don't really have one.
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The Pariah
The Pariah

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PostSubject: Re: Ravelli "Black Blood" Ganza/ Doris Avery   Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:25 am

Please add history and Role-Play sample, they can be short if you want.
Role-Play sample is just needed to see if you can role-play and Doris Avery could say "how did your char first time use animus or meet modern templars"

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Ravelli "Black Blood" Ganza/ Doris Avery
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