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 Two Natures of a Human

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PostSubject: Two Natures of a Human   Two Natures of a Human I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 7:17 am

(Year 1486. Leandro Spaventi De Fabrino age - 29. Before joining Templar Order)

A dark sky with only one bright moon shined upon quiet Venice in this time around, or at least in Venice other than Dorsoduro district.
In Dorsoduro district it was loud and bright from firecrackers and lanterns. There were many bands on each corner playing guitar, drums or any other musical instrument to entertain and earn money by placing a hat in front of them hoping for any man or woman with soft heart to come by and drop some florins in the hat.
People were dancing and drinking all night, they were forgetting about any troubles they have or what might happen next, they all enjoyed the moment now and wanted it to last as long as it can and nothing to stop it, not even the raising sun.
Somewhere above all that, on the rooftops of Dorsoduro District, very high up sat Leandro himself or how in his full name - Leandro Spaventi De Fabrino.
Even he was drunk and lots of things were blurry in his eyes. But that did not stop this man from playing his favorite instrument or singing.
Leandro took his clean, wooden guitar that he bought for money he won from the last game of blackjack, placing it in lap and putting hand above strings Leandro started playing and hitting the strings on random as the melody was not what he cared about right now. He began singing a song about his life with own drunk voice and plain melody that really wasn't bad at all.
With no stop Leandro sitting on an edge of rooftop played his guitar while people below him were dancing for a total different music that was loud enough to not even hear a bit of Leandro's melody. That didn't mean Leandro didn't hear his own song, he was himself pretty high up from the melody below so he could hear both - mostly his own.
It trully was a great night for him even if he had to sit there alone, drunk and singing a song nobody even thinks about listening to.
The more Leandro sang, the more he started singing for objects around him. For example - he started to sing about the moon as if he was talking to the moon - all was the effects of alcohol.
Hours passed before Leandro decided to give up and go home. The music below even became quiet and people stopped dancing, and if they didn't - then they began dancing very slowly. Everyone were tired and getting ready to go home, they yawned, slept on each other's shoulder or lap and rested. A great night but time to go home.

Leandro slowly stood up with small balance and swingly. He took his guitar hanging it around his torso and the same way he got up Leandro climbed down using the edges and bumps of the building wall.
He drops down, landing on both feet softly but with some noise. Leandro then started walking forward through the alley while hearing whispering from unknown direction.
A painful feeling suddenly was felt in side of waist as Leandro collapsed on his knees. He grabbed a hold of the painful spot to feel liquid which color he could not see because of the darkness and blurry vision from alcohol. Everything suddenly blacked out as Leandro closed his eyes and fell on floor helpless. The last thing he saw was a face in distance outside of valley that was only few meters away. The moonlight shined upon the man as he holding Leandro's guitar spoke: "This guitar will be enough to sell and get last florins needed for a carriage to Florence!"

The light then appeared once again in Leandro's eyes, he saw a doctor's mask staring on Leandro. Leandro's wound was treated well and he didn't loose enough blood to die in the valley. "You're lucky a passing by couple found you, you would have died if it wasn't for them!" the doctor said as he stood up from chair he was just sitting on and went to his desk to write some paperwork. Leandro pushed himself up leaning against the wall that was behind the bed, his wound still hurt when Leandro moved, "may i meet my saviors then?"
"Ha ha, they are probably somewhere in Venice, you'll never find them alone and I don't know anything else than what they look like."
"I see," Leandro replied as he was full of anger and flame inside ready to do near anything for revenge of man who let his human nature of material desire be ready to leave Leandro dieing in a dark alley.


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Two Natures of a Human
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