All experiences of the past are being recalled
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 Dead Riot!!

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PostSubject: Dead Riot!!   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:33 pm

Everything we all knew and cherished crumbled right before our eyes. The world we grew up in suddenly turned into an old sepia colored picture on the wall, just a memory fated to be lost in the recesses of our minds...It all begun on that day, on the morning of August 18 at 11:33am, the day that changed the world.

A virus.... it's destroyed everything we've had. Cause men to go into madness. All infected became animals. With the strength and durablity to last.

The World has gone awry, not many of us survived but the ones that have well for most we just try to survive in groups. But for others they have banded together and decided to wreak havoc in this already chaotic world. On top of zombies and raids maybe we can all survive. Survive and rebuild...

Come and Survive!

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Dead Riot!!
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