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 Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats

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Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats   Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 7:10 am

[align=center]Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats 2q9l651[/align]

Requiem is an AU site in which the slate of history has been wiped clean, it gives you the manipulative freedom to play in the DBZ Universe from the beginning with the characters you've always loved or an original. We even allow Mirai versions of select canon due to our rift plot, a list of them will be in the canon list. You will be able to shape their lives and history as you will. Our only canon feature is that Planet Vegeta was indeed destroyed by Frieza but more than a handful of the Saiyan race managed to survive and are wandering the galaxy. In this reality it's possible that ChiChi and Goku never married but Gohan was made from a passionate one night stand, the same could be said of Vegeta and Bulma having Trunks. We feel it is necessary to allow you to build your own relationships and friendships rather than make you adhere to the ones that were made for you. Requiem is a place where you can play through your favorite show sagas with new twists thrown in as well as new sagas engineered by staff and members alike! So come apply and enjoy the universe that you've always wanted to enter! We are story oriented! NO STATS! Battles are free form and left up to you to decide as players with refereeing from the staff when needed.

Current Plot:
It has been more than two and a half decades since Planet Vegeta was destroyed but the Galaxy and the Earth remain quite peaceful in contrast. Lately the peace however has been broken, the Saiyan Princes came to Earth hoping to wipe all life away for their Overlord. A band of fighter came together to combat them and with heavy casualties managed to push the attackers back. If anyone thought they'd get a break their illusion was broken with the announcement of yet another threat. One not clearly defined but soon coming to be so due to all the the disappearances and deaths marking its coming. Will you come to help everyone defeat this new threat or will you aid or be a new threat to the planet?

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Dragon Ball Z Requiem [IF] - No stats
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