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 Lions for lambs

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Ze Pavi

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PostSubject: Lions for lambs   Lions for lambs I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 1:24 am

The fat bearded man had entered in the room stumbling all over the place. Pavi observed him with an ounce of disgust as he finally rested in the chair at his desk. It was probably very early in the morning judging by the hue of the sky the Pavi saw through the mans window. He was able to see it by looking through a crack of the mans cupboard, the same large cupboard he had been hiding and waiting for the man in for two hours. After he settled in the chair he opened another bottle on his desk and poured it on the desk, unaware that he was not pouring in a glass. Pavi thought his state of unawareness was so weak at the moment that all he had to do was reveal himself and talk business. But the Pavi was not even close to that stupid. He exited the cupboard only to be ignored by the man, but the Pavi was the type of person to demand attention on the spot. "Buna ziua Chancelor" (Hello Chancelor) Pavi said in a thick romanian accent. The fat guy tried his best to ignore the Pavi who walked towards him and took hold of his chin so he cold re-align his face with his own so that he could attempt to see if the man was drunk enough to actually be this unaware. After a few Sniffs Pavi deducted that he was feigning so that he wouldn't face the terror of this conversation.

"Vi se pare că aplecat iadul pe evitarea această întâlnire" (You seem Hell bent on avoiding this meeting) Flavi Said while removing a small letter from his sleeve. He looked back to the bearded man who swallowed hard as he tried wiping the sweat from his face, he was embarassed to have been found out and now he wsa frieghtened. "Just wait Pavi, I have to think more on it, You are planning on waging war against The king! You must know that I am not in a position to be making so great an enemy." The fat man said as he seemed as if he was almost crying. The Pavi sighed and then took out his scalpel, the fat man started shaking, fearing that the scalpel was for his throat, but instead the Pavi used it as a letter opener. He then handed the man the letter and bowed slightly. "Ai doar bărbaţi staţionate pe colţurile de pe aceste străzi, în orice moment" (You just have men stationed on the corners of these streets at all times.) Pavi said before jumping out the window and disappearing. The Fat man looked into the letter who's contents were simply the bill for his services as a personal medical adviser for his son on the frontlines.

The Pavi had ended up in the front of the building, behind him were armed men. Pavi looked around trying to find any sight of a tail and found none, he then vanished into the alleyway while remaining unseen.
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Lions for lambs
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