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 They all love Ze Pavi

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Ze Pavi

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PostSubject: They all love Ze Pavi   They all love Ze Pavi I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 12:54 am

Main Information
Name: Claus Flavincii
Nickname: The Pavi
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Since a very young age, Pavi has despised and hated the Rome for being so inferior in terms of maturity. Their endless hate and their ability to find a problem with something
that needs no solutions is what made them look childish and paranoid in his eyes. They fight endlessly for no reason with other nations, different only in their view but nor so much different in the fact that they were human. Wars broke out left and right throughout Pavi's life, it was tiring to see everyone hate each other so much that they were willing to slaughter their own kind. If only they knew how inferior they were to
the world, that they were doing the rest of the universe justice by slowly killing each other and erasing themselves off the face of the earth. It was annoying to know that He was part of this dreaded and frankly stupid race of greedy narrow minded beings but in his heart he decided at the age of 5 that he was nothing like the humans of the
world. If it were up to him, he'd be the last person alive merely because he knows that if he were given the chance the repopulate the earth and teach his offspring about loving one another instead of hate and filling their thoughts with bullshit about different Gods and different kings, he would do it in a heartbeat over and over again, even
if that meant killing anyone close to him, which wouldn't have any impact on him because everyone close to him were always 'remote' in his view. There was nothing wrong with being secluded from this world, Claus told himself, they would only corrupt my mind and try to make me just as childish as them and go into battle against someone or some other nation merely because they had a small piece of land that can easily be shared.

His hatred, ever so strong, has put a fury in his mind and made him relish in the deaths and failures of Romans. Though he didn't just relish in that, he experienced a high unlike anything he ever felt when he experiences torture, bloody scenes here
and there involving ignorant and arrogant Romans. He even became an unlicensed surgeon just so he could trick people into coming into his basement and torture them endlessly for but one reason, to relish in their suffering and to prove to himself, that while they are willing to die for a piece of land, they are not even willing to die for their
pride as a human, More often than not, the people Claus tortured screamed, he enjoyed that, he wanted to hear them shout out and plead to continue existing in this life. Their hopeless screams gave Claus a smile every time he heard them.

Since a very young age, Claus was incredibly intelligent and clever. Unfortunately for him that was all very boring. He always wanted to be superior to humans in every way and this certainly was a start, but he was, in his mind, too superior, no one could come face to face with him and offer a fair challenge, Even when he took mercy on his opponents in whatever sport that involved the mind, or intelligence by giving them handi-caps (Which he doesn't do at all anymore merely because his sympathy for man has run its course) yet he was never challenged. It is rare for him to be challenged and even more rare for someone to beat him intellectually but it is not impossible, or better put, it has happened before. Such times he seems to prevail but enjoys being challenged, so he knows the years he spent pounding the knowledge of the world into his head were not a waste.

While it may seem unlikely that he loves warfare, there is a simple reason to why he does. Two actually. One; He loves using people as pawns to fight on the battle field and he loves the fact that there is a very strong possibility that he can win with nothing more than his intellect instead of his action, or fighting, and the other; he loves it when two sides clash together to eliminate each other. Claus hates war naturally but he
loves how after such acts, both sides have casualties. To him it seems like one of the quickest methods to kill alot of people. With that said it is no secret that he hates humans and deems himself superior to them. But every so often there might be a Super human or two that have just a little bit more strength than him. That infuriates him, he does whatever it takes to prove his superiority and uses whatever means necessary to do so.

He believes that his intellect is superior, as such he cannot help but think his word is
absolute and beyond argument. When he is corrected, or told that he is wrong, he falls into utter denial, even if he is proven wrong he will deny his claim to have been right to the death! After discovering that his intellect could be mirrored he realized some things were still beyond his understanding at the moment. But that all ceased when he found out how to become the very person he needed to be for this world; the purpose of becoming more knowledgeable, it was also for the purpose of becoming more than human. He knows now that the will of a human is something that he cannot fully understand, but another reason why he cannot help but to despise them. Some humans believe that no matter how bleak a situation, their willpower and resolve can remain firm and that can somehow lead them to victory or get them out of their troublesome predicament. It was hard for him to find companions that understood him He was unique and didn't hide it from anybody. There was always an exception or a kid of some sort who seemed just as gloomy about the world as Claus did. Unfortunately they always changed when they got older with clause, becoming more attached than the world and its inhabitants.

They all love Ze Pavi 180px-Char_doctor

The Pavi was born in Florence, He was of noble decent; his mother was the king of Romes' niece. When he was born it was a proud day for the king because he had no other family he could leave the crown to after his passing if the day were ever to come for him. Pavi grew up a single child for 7 years but then the Queen bore the King a son, and Pavi treated the boy as if he was his little brother. When he got old enough to speak and walk on his own, him and Pavi would play together endlessly until commanded to go to bed by their parents. This is probably the best time of Pavi's life, because when he turned 17 he was forced to join the militia and act as one of the four generals of the paple armies. He had limited combat experience and was not even close to ready to being a suited general in terms of tactics, but he had will and courage which was all he thought he needed for his cause. After the war with the french armies he returned home in defeat, the King was angry with him but forgave him eventually because of the worse news he had to exchange with Claus. He told him about the death of his parents. Pavi had seemed to have lost the innocent side to him that day as he was given the title; 'Hand of the King'. He took the Kings place as the king grew old in age and became so ill he remained unable to tend to the duties of King. Pavi had acquired alot of political contacts but his cousin didn't like it one bit that he was of age and not able to command the Kings subjects in his place. So Pavi was framed by his Cousin, who killed his father and blamed it on Pavi.

Since then Pavi has been in exile, and he plans on returning back to Rome soon for revenge, but before that he needs allies.

Character Status
Alliance: N/A for now
Abilities: Eagle Vision, Poison.
Primary Weapon: Scalpel.

Role-Play Sample
Lord Claus
Started this day like most others would. In a bed, awoken by an annoying
sound, dreading the very real fact that their day may not go as well as
it may or may not have yesterday. He was on the 86th floor of the Fakku
Engen. He lay on a bed without anything to cover his exposed body and
on the floor of his room; were several naked dead bodies, some women,
some men and some even children. Lord claus hated being a bad guy but he
hated Humans more than his idea of antagonization. He lifted himself
off of the bed and looked around, then walked to the bathroom carefully
avoiding the bodies he looked upon as he passed and judged by giving
them a score from 1-10 depending on how smexified they looked. As he
went into the bathroom he looked around and then turned to face the
mirror. He was confused and angry, and hated the fact that he counldn't
find his clothes which was the only reason he stepped into the bathroom.
He got out of hte bathroom and instead of looking further into the
matter of his missing clothes; he used the telephone to call roomservice
and have them send the manager up. Once the manager came knocking on
the door, Lord claus immediately opened it and grabbed the man by the
collar and threw him into the room. As the man staggered to get to his
feet because he was too scarred to react quickly enough to run into
anoter of the corresponding rooms (only because of the several dead
bodies in the room) Claus picked up the telephone from the nightstand
hear the door and threw it at the Manager; aiming it at his head. Claus
threw it with all his might so when it landed on the mans head; he was
rendered unconcious. Claus was lucky in several ways; he knew that the
manager dressed spiffy and shit to make themselves presentable to the
guests which meant they were probably wearing suits but he didn't know
if the manager was a man or woman and because he planned on taking the
clothes from whoever knocked on the door it would be a shame if he had
to dress like a female temporarily. He may not have cared about what
humans thought but he did like to look presentable to other people. He
undressed the manager quickly and then put on the black pinstripe suit
he recently removed from the man. He looked presentable in many ways but
one; his hair was all nappy and shit. One of the many things wrong with
having such long hair was it required constant care or else it would
look like the hair of a beggar. He went into the bathroom to spruse up a
bit; brushing his blonde hair and tying it in a pony tail so that his
brown eyes were revealed and the wrinkles on his face were more clear.
The suit was a bti small for him but it didn't look like it from the
outside, or at least that is what he confirmed from looking in the
mirror. He was prepared to start his day until he realized why he needed
his clothes; the black cross he carried with him was in the right pants
pocket. He narrrowed his eyes and grunted at his neglegince. How could
he forget the most important piece of proof that he is no longer a human
being? he thought carefully about where he may have placed it and then
decided that it would find him somehow anyways like it always does.

leaving the hotel he decided it would be nice to take the Karakura
Express station train to Fukkina springs where he decided to start
looking for bounto. He had no money to pay for the fare so security
wouldn't allow him on the train. HE would have muscled his way anyways
but he decided it would be best not to start trouble publicly. So
instead he decided to. . . Comondeer a Freight train which was used by
yakuza to smuggle Billions of bollars; Lord claus didn't know this but
it wouldn't have stoppecd him from taking the train anyway. After
driving it for about several miles he put it on auto pilot (?) and then
walked to the rest of the cars attached to the train to get some rest.
he discovered a Large cube of money packed together and held with saran
wrap. Claus wasn't interested in money at the moment but this may come
in handy, Fukkina springs wasn't cheap. After an hour of counting the
money; he came to a stop and decided that it was more than 16 million
dollars, he decided it would be best if he hid this money somewhere else
so that no one could come and take this train as easily as he did and
take his hard earned money just to get it taken from them and so forth.
He went back to the driving car and looked trough the window to try and
find a place secluded. As he did he started feeling a nasty feeling in
the pit of his stomach; could this be the result of his hangover? But
the answer was clear after he threw up chunks of human flesh, corn and
his black cross which was his doll. The doll remained silent, usually he
is speaking his ass off until Claus would release him and rough him up a
bit but now. . . The doll just lay there in its medium silent. Lord
Claus looked back up, shaking off his current action not putting much
thought into it, then noticed a big warehouse in sight. It was close to
town but otherwise; it seemed secluded. After pulling the emergency
break to bring the train to a screeching halt Claus picked his doll up,
released it from its medium and waited for it to take full form. The
doll looked similar to a man, more slender than claus and definitely 3
inches shorter and his skin color (if you want to call it skin) was
completely black. He wore a white mask on his face which covered
absolutely nothing, literally, he had no facial features. He had a suit
and it looked similar to Clauss' but His had a tie. Claus stare blankly
at the Doll and then after grunting with disapproval of the Dolls
silence he nodded towards the warehouse which seemed 72 yards away. "Chop chop, I need you to go and scope the area out; go see if there is anyone in that warehouse who needs to be eradicated kid." Claus said as he walked towards the back to unload the money.

being brought into his state, the Doll felt alive and happy that his
master allowed him free reign. No matter how long the freedom lasted he
was glad to see the world through his inhuman eyes again. He looked
around and then jumped through the Train window slowly heading towards
the warehouse. He wasn't in the mood to take orders from Claus but he
saw from the expression on Clauss' face that he had absolutely no say in
what he had to do. When he reached the warehouse; he looked through a
window on the ground level and chuckled as the sight of Three humans in
the same room. In his eyes they only seemed like flickering flames with
different colors. Each of them looked green which was the same Color
Claus is in the doll's eyes. Did this mean Claus is no longer the only
person with the privilage of having a sexy beast by his side to kill off
his enemies? The Doll shook his head and then jumped through the
window, instead of landing gracefully on his feet he stomped on the
concrete ground beneath him and from that echoed a loud clap like sound
through out the warehouse. Each of the beings stood several feet away
from heach other but he stood 20 feet away from all three of them. "OH SHUGA HONEY ICE TEA"
He shouted as he noticed that he just made a lound noice when his feet
landed on the ground. He then felt disappointed in himself for failing
at the simple task of 'taking a few niggas by suprise and killing them'
so now he had to go on betraying them after befriending them. He walked
forward slowly but nervously and extended a hand towards one of the
flickers. HE couldn't tell who it was until he got close enough and
noticed the blue eyes of the Bount, that seperated him from the other
flickering green flames. "My name is. . . Alfred bottom bitch. What's your's?"
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They all love Ze Pavi
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