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 Freddie Sing/Ethan Bonnet

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PostSubject: Freddie Sing/Ethan Bonnet   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:23 am

Main Information
Name: Freddie Sing
Gender: Male
Age: 26
* Talkative
* Pretty cowardly but when need to protect he will protect. Avoids fighting
* Active. Doesn't like doing anything. Always tries to find something to do.
* Smart, clever.
History: Freddie Sing has a very normal life that everyone could imagine. His family budget was pretty good, sometimes was enough to buy an expensive item like a console or furniture. Went to school all weekdays and was holding on above average grades.
After finishing school, Freddie started going to university and technology academy.
Soon he began getting interested in such things as previous life. Freddie tried to find a way to create a some kind of machine that could allow a person to see what has happened before.
Modern assassins noticed Freddie getting interested in previous life and after thinking about it they wanted to show Freddie that there is such a machine already invented - Animus.
Freddie agreed to go inside Animus. There was a big surprise when they found out that Freddie used to be part of the Assassin's Order in past life - Ethan Bonnet. Freddie got more and more interested in his past life that he decided to dedicate rest of his life on researching the Animus or even create something that surpasses Animus.

Character Description
Freddie may look thin and weak, but he has great skill in fighting after getting taught by Assassin's Order.
He is very wise and good at science and mathematics, where he gets mostly perfect score on tests. These skills made him interested in technology.

Main Information
Name: Ethan Bonnet
Nickname: The Bronze Ninja
Gender: Male
Age: 21
* Cares only about own goals and reaching them
* Sometimes the human side triggers (side with emotions)
* He thinks about present more than future and his safety.
* Inpatient.
History: Ethan used to be a very good child that listened to his parents and whatever they said. His parents looked up at Ethan as an angle. He enjoyed his life to the full until a certain accident in age of four.
Ethan's parents were killed protecting Ethan in an attack on city he lived. Ethan was hidden inside cellar and only after a day Ethan came out from thirst. He was found my a wandering traveler and taken in care. Traveler took Ethan to Italy and gave him to orphanage and so Ethan became an orphan.
From the memories of hearing pain yells and his parents last words, Ethan's personality turned around. He became ignorant, careless and very selfish. After becoming eighteen Ethan began his life as a theft until found by the Assassin's Order. Promising to abandon his habits of stealing Ethan was accepted in Assassin's Order.

Character Status
Alliance: Assassin
Abilities: Sprint and eagle vision
Primary Weapon: Dagger (like the one in my character's hand)

Role-Play Sample
Ethan moved through a pushy and tight crowd in an abandoned city outside of Italy. His target was standing right on the gallows saying his lines to sentence innocent villagers to death. The more closer Ethan got the faster he started moving.
Sentencer noticed Ethan moving very suspicious and so he pointed to Ethan in the crowd shouting: "Stop that man!"
Guards around the gallows grabbed handles of their swords and pulled out with a swing. They ran towards Ethan in crowd but by the time they got there, Ethan was already gone, disappeared inside the crowd. Guards walked carefully looking everywhere through the crowd in hopes of finding Ethan.
By the time Guards turned their heads to check on sentencer, he was assassinated with a dagger in his chest.
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PostSubject: Re: Freddie Sing/Ethan Bonnet   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:31 am

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Freddie Sing/Ethan Bonnet
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