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 Gemini Wyon & Leandro Spaventi De Fabrini

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The Pariah

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PostSubject: Gemini Wyon & Leandro Spaventi De Fabrini   Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:40 am

Main Information
Name: Gemini Wyon
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Always has goals to achieve and will do near everything to fulfill the dreams. Has a sketch of ideal person in mind, which is the goal to become one. Generally impatient and due to that sometimes overreacts.
Pretty shy and a very scared person from embarrassment, wrong conclusion.
History: Gemini Wyon moves to United Kingdom from Latvia because of latest crisis. He was kinda excited to move to UK to see what was the life there but the excitement didn't last long as he was very quiet during first two days of school because everyone were strangers to him. After second of school in UK ended, Gemini was kidnapped by group of modern templars. They placed Gemini in animus to find out about ancestor of Gemini Wyon and who's side was he fighting for during the battle between both orders and maybe looking in life of Gemini Wyon's ancestor it would reveal something important. After getting kidnapped by templars, Gemini will act more full of himself and that he would be the best. Sometimes even saying annoying jokes that adults would most probably not like. He will get more interested in fighting.

Character Description
Gemini Wyon is a master at Judo arts and pretty fast when it comes to making haste. He is great in wielding weapons that are similar in shape of staff (pipe, long stick, cane, etc).
Not too of a precise eye when aiming but sometimes luck is on his side.

Main Information
Name: Leandro Spaventi De Fabrini
Nickname: The Pariah
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Personality: Status oriented, power seeking, high material goals. Mainly tries to be liked by everyone, but because of own personality may do the opposite. Sometimes this personality assists Leandro think better about himself but sometimes it may lead to regrets or hate of self. But most sadness is short and most happiness is long.
Leandro is slightly evil because he is willing to experiment on other lives to test something out. Other than that, Leandro would do what he is ordered to do as long as he is capable of doing it (mentally and physically) as long as the job pays.
History: Leandro was thought always that parents should not maintain the child and that child must work himself of what he is capable of doing. Each delivery or help he made to his family was for his clothes and food that he wore and ate daily. Through his teenage and child ages he spent most of the day working if he was not sleeping. Only in morning and evening he could get food, the food he got in middle of day was either a tip like a small sandwich for the job or Leandro had a bit spare money that he could spend for extra food.
After becoming eighteen, Leandro made his biggest bet yet and that is when he became addicted to gambling. He risked on everything valuable material he had and won in a game of blackjack. From that day he kept gambling and most of the times luck was at his side and he grew rich thanks to the gambling and could move out of his parents house. But after all expenses for food, clothing and so on, Leandro hasn't got much spare money left and so he became a part of Templar order and began his training under a nickname "The Pariah"

Character Status
Alliance: Templar
Abilities: Smoke Bomb, Disguise
Primary Weapon: Cutlass (Sword type)

Role-Play Sample
The Pariah got a contract to assassinate a target that used to walk with a hunch back, had claw for an arm. This time he had to work together with another templar because there was a contract against Pariah himself and hunting while being hunted have bigger chances of succeed if done with a partner, or so thought the man that gave the contract.
Pariah and his partner exited house of client and made their way forward to the location where the target is most likely to be found. After walking and making way through a deep and tight crowd, Pariah and his partner made a way to small tunel that had low steps leading to another district.
They both walked near each other, with Pariah being in front of his partner.
"Aggh!" a sudden voice of pain was heard coming over Pariah's shoulder. With no second to be wasted Pariah turned his head around to see what was this voice that caught his attention. His partner was stabbed in the back by a mysterious, hooded man. It was Pariah's pursuer!
In desperate mood Pariah ran away from the pursuer. He made a sharp turn right after exiting gates and jumped on large wood boxes that were placed by the gates. Swish, Pariah's target just walked past Pariah's sight walking along a crowd. With immediate reaction Pariah turned around to chase the target totally forgetting about the chaser.
Pariah felt a sudden pain in stomach as he blacked out.
"Gemini?" Gemini slowly opened his eyes noticing a fairly old man with laboratory, white coat stood by Gemini. "The Animus is having some technical difficulties. Synchronization level has dropped and Animus isn't showing precise events anymore. Please wait till I fix it!" the man continued as he walked over to a fancy computer writing something on keyboard.

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Mr. Urban

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PostSubject: Re: Gemini Wyon & Leandro Spaventi De Fabrini   Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:08 am

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Gemini Wyon & Leandro Spaventi De Fabrini
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